Maya Stepper



Hometown: Germany

Bio: Maya may hail from Germany, but she’s planted roots in Brooklyn, NY as a fashion model. A crafty creative and former industrial design student, she’s inspired by anything that involves her hands—think ceramics, painting and jewelry making—is an avid poet and photographer, and loves finding new ways to be productive in her spare time.


Still or sparkling: Always sparkling.

Cocktail or wine: Wine.

Favorite form of hydration: Wine.

Hours of sleep: As many as I can get.

Favorite food: Anything homemade.

Can't live without: My dog or my friends—there are other things I cherish more than items.

drawings and design plans
Maya Stepper in front of her drawings and design plans
“During Covid, I made necklaces and bracelets with a floral design and sent them to my friends and thought, ‘let’s making this into something and help someone.’ So I called my friend [and jewelry designer, Jessie Andrews] and we found [Girls Inc.] a charity that supports young girls and supports their development all over America. It’s a project really close to heart. We’re still selling them and 100% of the proceeds is going to [Girls, Inc].”
“I grew up in a really small place in the Black Forest of Germany, so I was always spending a lot of time in nature. I remember the water that we drank, my mom and I would go on a hike and bring glass bottles and we would fill them up with the water from the local spring. I’ll always cherish that.”
view looking up at tall trees with a blue sky
view looking out on pond
“It’s always been time [to care about our planet’s future], and will be more and more. We have to start now. We cannot keep delaying caring about nature and our planet, this place that we call home.”