How to stay calm in the middle of the chaos

The holiday season, with its twinkling lights and cheerful gatherings, is undoubtedly the most wonderful time of year. But let’s be real—it can also be the most stressful. Between an ever-evolving gift list, marathon meal prep, family obligations, and all the planning in between, it’s easy to feel more frazzled than festive. Some good news for anyone whose tension levels soar during the season: Origins can help you find your Peace of Mind™. Discover how our best-selling sensory ritual—infused with a blend of Peppermint, Basil, and Eucalyptus essential oils—can help calm your soul, soothe your spirit, and refresh your senses, for a truly uplifting experience. Read on for real stories from our Origins team on finding serenity and inner peace.

“I’m sure everyone says the holidays are a high stress-time for their family, but for me and my family it can sometimes feel amplified. From wrapping last-minute gifts and setting an ornate table, to helping with the cooking hours in advance, it can start to feel too chaotic. When that happens, I try to sneak away and practice some form of self-care. When I started working at Origins, I got hooked on adding PEACE OF MIND™ On-The-Spot Relief into my self-care routine. So, when I slip away during the high-stress holiday moments, to go for a long walk, take a bath, or meditate, I’ll add in a moment with the PEACE OF MIND™ On-The-Spot Relief ritual, too. I just apply two pumps onto my fingers and massage my temples in circular motions. That ritual, paired with some deep breathing and a cozy candle, always helps ground me and make me feel more relaxed. It’s been a great way to reset and enjoy the rest of the holidays with my family stress-free.”


-Sarah, Manager, Site Experience

“One of the ways that I take care of myself and strengthen my mind is through meditation. I make it a point to meditate every day either in the mornings after a physical work out or as part of winding down after a long working day. To add another sensorial dimension to my meditation practice, I added PEACE OF MIND™ On-The-Spot Relief; for me, the scent is incredibly calming – especially paired with deep breathing exercises. Typically, I apply a pump behind my ears and massage into my temples. It’s a great way to level up your holistic self-care.”


-Ben, Director, Marketing

“My husband and I are lucky enough to be able to get on a plane and travel home to visit our families for the holidays. Airports always tend to be a little stressful, but holiday travel can put even the most seasoned travelers on edge. Once we’ve boarded the plane and get settled in our seats, I like to take out my skincare to cleanse, moisturize, and mask for the trip—it helps keep my skin hydrated while we’re in the air.  As a final step I like to massage a pump or two of PEACE OF MIND™ On-The-Spot Relief behind my ears, and onto my temples and wrists. Massaging those areas while inhaling the calming scent of Mint and Eucalyptus helps me relax before we take-off. I like to use it right before I drift off to sleep.”


-Karen, Design Director

The holiday season should be a time to celebrate with family and friends. It should also be a time when you prioritize your well-being. By implementing a few self-care practices, you can make the most of a truly joyful season. And if you are feeling overwhelmed—trying to find that perfect gift—remember to take a deep breath. It’s the Peace of Mind you need.